Care instructions

To ensure that you have as many adventures as possible with your Saint Maniero, you can extend the life of your bags by taking regular care of it. Below are some simple and practical tips. If you have any further questions in that matter, please contact us at, we are always happy to help.

  • Your Saint Maniero made of canvas

    Applying a transparent impregnation spray regularly (1-2 times a year) significantly extends the durability and lifetime of the canvas fabric. The impregnation not only protects your bag, but also ensures that the water pearls off beautifully.

    Current models made of canvas: Sempre, Massimo, Massimini, Donna, Donnina, Viaggio, Attico
  • Cleaning the canvas

    To get rid of the general dirt, you should clean the canvas from time to time with a lint roller and then wipe it with a damp cloth. Please do not use hot water when cleaning, as it can hurt the wax layer of the canvas.

    Important: Saint Maniero bags are not suitable for the washing machine and should ideally be air-dried.
  • Removing creases on the canvas

    If creases have formed on the canvas, you can simply iron them out. Important: put a piece of fabric (e.g., tea towel) between the iron and the bag to protect the impregnated canvas. Set the iron on medium setting.